Amazing Dentistry Starts with Amazing Dental Assistants!

When you have an efficient, stream-lined, great experience at Summit Dental, it is because of the diligent efforts of our two amazing assistants, Fred and Jen! They are pros at the behind-the-scenes details you don’t even realize go into a making a dental appointment seem routine. From sterilizing equipment and cleaning rooms, to giving you post-op instructions, these two do it all. Here are some of the reasons we want to point a spotlight on our assistants during National Dental Assistants Recognition Week 2018!

-They go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable while you are here. They explain procedures to the patients in real language, not that complicated dental language only dentists get! They provide blankets, music/TV programs, or headphones to help reduce anxiety. They also give you advice when you leave so you know what to expect after your dental work is completed.
-They love their jobs! These two would come to work on their day off just to hang out and have fun. We love their enthusiasm and passion for taking care of our patients. We love that they take to new technologies well, especially when Dr. Spillers gets excited about something that completely changes the normal routines!
-They help wherever we need them. Did you know that Fred and Jen can both design and fabricate beautiful crowns with our Cerec machine? They are improving their lab skills daily, so we don’t have to send your crowns to an expensive dental lab anymore. They also clean the office, help our hygienist Michelle, answer phones, and perform in-office whitening.
-They manage a large inventory of supplies, so we never run out of a product or material while doing your dentistry. This is a really big deal! Would you want your dental care compromised, or worse, re-scheduled at the last minute, because we ran out of a certain supply? Quality dentistry can be delivered efficiently with the right tools and products on hand. When you run out of those materials, dentistry can be difficult. All of our team members have worked in the past at unorganized offices that didn’t pay attention to these small details. Unfortunately, the dentistry suffered. This never happens at Summit Dental because of our wonderful assistants!

There are many more things we could mention about our assistants, but you get the point. We love the passion, professionalism, and integrity of Jenn and Fred. Next time you are in our office, tell them what a wonderful job they are doing. They would love to hear it!