Our team at Summit Dental has seen some exciting changes in the last couple of months! Here are a few highlights:


-The much-anticipated babies finally arrived! Our devoted hygienist Michelle, who was set on working right up until the due date, had her baby 4 weeks early! Little Reese came in early August and she and Michelle are doing great.  This is her first baby and she will be taking a couple of months of maternity leave to dote on her little girl.  Sorry to any patients we had to reschedule last minute due to Reese’s insistence on arriving early!

-Our dental assistant Jenn, who surprised us with announcing she was pregnant just a month after we hired her (we still love her though!), had her baby near the end of August. Due to the very understandable demands of being pregnant, Jenn had to stop working about 2 months ago. We missed her fun personality at the office everyday but were overjoyed to hear about her healthy delivery.  She is back home with the baby and everyone is doing well!

-We have some new team members! Due to the growth of our practice, which of course is due to our wonderful patient’s telling EVERYONE they know about us, we had to hire another hygienist.  When we say hired her, we really mean we brought in an old friend. Heather has worked for our practice in the past just filling in sporadic days when we needed her. Recently, she made the decision to leave her other office and come to work with us on a more permanent basis! It was great timing as she will obviously help us cover Michelle’s maternity leave.  Once Michelle returns, we plan on having both her and Heather work 3-4 days a week.

-We also had to fill in the void Jenn left when she had her baby. We hired a great new dental assistant named Christy.  She has tons of experience in the dental field and brings great energy and new ideas to our culture. We are excited to have our team expanding and we continue to try and provide an amazing group of people that love working together!


We would like to thank our incredible patients for supporting our office in these exciting changes. The outpouring of support from our patients has been fun to watch. We have been touched by the gifts and kind words of encouragement you have given to Michelle and Jenn. We are also thankful for your warm reception of our new team members!


-Dr. Spillers