Top 5 things the Summit Dental Team is Thankful About

We have been blessed with another successful year in treating the wonderful people of Las Vegas (and a few who have traveled from Utah and Reno to see us!). We wanted to reflect for a couple of minutes on what we are thankful for during this holiday season.

5) We are thankful that people eat sugar and chew ice! Just kidding.  In all seriousness we love fixing teeth and we need patients to do that!  We are thankful that when people do engage in such preposterous activities, and then get cavities or broken teeth, they think of seeing us first.  We have been blessed to have a large percentage of our patients come from existing patients.  This tells us we are doing something right and that people want to refer their sugar eating, ice chewing friends to us!

4) We are thankful for a wonderful support team of reps (even if they switch companies).  We love to utilize them and use their support whenever necessary.  They are always quick to offer advice, great products, and continuing education courses.  Our lead assistant Fred especially loves to barter and see how much free product he can get for the office.  What a character!

3) We are thankful for technology and our Cerec machine.  As I write this a crown is being fired up in the oven to cement in a patient’s mouth!  This is saving the patient a second visit just to cement a lab made crown.  In addition, she does not have to wear a temporary crown over the Thanksgiving holiday! What a huge blessing that is.  Nobody wants to chew a Thanksgiving meal with temporary crowns.  We are loving using our Cerec machine to make same day crowns, as well as other technology such as lasers to treat periodontal disease and whiten teeth.  It really makes our job more fun as well.

(by the way the photo shows a jar of all the crowns we have milled the last 7 months)

2) We are thankful for such a wonderful team of people to work with! We truly all enjoy coming to work every day and love an office free of drama.  We love to joke around with each other and do team activities together.  We even went to a dental meeting together this summer!  It is a blessing when good people come together with a purpose and make your place of employment fun. Thanks team!

1) We are thankful to have wonderful patients!  We love putting on some good pandora music and rocking out while we do some dentistry on you.  We understand that this may not where you want to be on your day off from work, or your lunch break from work, but as long you’re here let’s have some fun! Thank you being awesome, loyal patients who support us and our office.  It is our pleasure to serve you.

-Dr. Spillers