What’s Next?

2018 is shaping up to be a year of continuing education………. again!  For some time now, I have wanted to gain more training in implants.  Recently I was made aware of some great courses that will be held in my own backyard of Las Vegas!  The implant company Implant Direct has a series of courses that a dentist can take over 2 years.  You pay a one-time tuition fee for their “passport” and you get to attend as many courses as possible in that period.  This turned out to be an answer to one of my problems!  I really have been wanting to get some comprehensive implant training but many of the courses are held out of the state and require heavy time (and financial) commitments.  Having a national company like Implant Direct supply those courses locally will allow me to get that training next year and still have plenty of balance and family time.  After all, that is one of the reasons many of us became dentists!  Of course, I want to immerse myself in dentistry and become a great clinician, but I won’t do it at the expense of being a workaholic and missing a lot of family time!

Another thing I am excited to learn about is Fast Braces.  We already offer Invisalign therapy in our office, but I want to be able to offer a second orthodontic option for our patients.  My identical twin brother, who is a dentist in Arizona, learned about Fast Braces 1 year ago and has loved it.  You can do complex cases quickly and efficiently and with great control.  It is a more traditional braces system with brackets and wires but with some of the advantages it boasts it will be a great complement to the services we already offer.

As always, there will be opportunities for study club meetings, webinars, and association meetings.  The task of learning never ends!  We are also still learning more ways to utilize our Cerec machine every day. This is the machine that allows us to make crowns in a single visit.  There are always more things to learn about this incredibly powerful and convenient technology.  With the addition of all this learning I hope next year I can be a better clinician and better serve our wonderful patients!

-Dr. Spillers